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Prophecy of the Encounter 2019

Charley O. New Holy: The creation stories that were handed down to us, are part of every day life, cause they teach you a value system, they teach you the history of where we came from and also this history of where we going. In the story it mentions how we came from the stars and one day we will go back to the stars. That is always a hope.

Hither the SpaceRider transcends to earth through a solar eclipse and encounters the Lakota Horse Nation. The plot is taken from a Lakota prophecy, in which a star is coming to close to earth and the present world order is changed. Parts of the prophecy are composed into the soundtrack, told by Charley O.NewHoly. The SpaceRider connects with the children and elders of the band in a spiritual way.

Charley O. New Holy: The film plays into the part that we are in the future and the SpaceRider comes and there is nothing left here except old people and young kids and they learning how to survive. They learn how to reconnect with the earth that was something forgotten many years ago. They learn how to bring the horses back into their lives and depend on it. We were always depending on it to travel and hunt game and survive.

Fllmed at locations on the Pine Ridge Reservation in SD.

Film Ratio: 3840x 2160-UHD, 25 FPS, aspect 1,78:1 - Length 14.16 min
Password: GoldiLock33


Performed and directed @ Ati Maier

Production Klaus Knoesel, FilmKunstKommerz Munich
Director of Photography Timo Seidel
Camera Operator Nils Trümpener
Postproduction Diana Moh, Patrick Saleh-Zaki, Julian Cohn
Postproduction Support Christoph Troost and Bastian Berzau
Special Effects Thorsten Binte, Patrick Saleh-Zaki
Layout Adrian Kaluza
Color Correction Wilfried Polte
Support Team Kai Keppner, UFA Serial Drama
Storyteller Charley O.New Holy
Catering Julie Goings
Composer Andrew Wagstaff and Vostok

Spacehorse "Rooster"

Location Pine Ridge Reservation, SD

Thanks To The Slimmbuttes Riders, Marvin Goings, Lorrel Goings, Hailey Goings, Norman Two Bulls, Duane Blind Man, Glen Brewer, Beverly Brewer, Kaydence Brewer, Michael Callie, MaKenzie Cottier, Kobe Cottier, Kyle Joe Richards, Taylor Charging Crow, Randell Brave Heart, as well as the Smoking 44 Riders Charley O.New Holy, Viola New Holy, Debra Bird and her baby

Special Thanks Marvin Goings and Charley O. New Holy for providing the horses, and also KarLee Goings and Chris Pfister

Medicine Wheel Installation Direction South-Color Red Fire-Adolescence-Summer-Noon-Growth-Change-Heartstruggle-Soul

Copyright Ati Maier

EQUINALE Filmfestival Germany

“The Prophecy of the Encounter”

Thank you to my amazing Crew, Rooster the SpaceHorse and the Marvin Goings family.


"Prophecy of the Encounter" has been chosen at the American Filmatic Arts Awards
American Filmatic Arts Awards on February 9, 2020 - Sunday.

St.Francis College, Founders Hall - 180 Remsen St. Brooklyn Heights, NY 11201 www.afawards.org

PROPHECY OF THE ENCOUNTER -  Best Video Art, Ati Maier